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________ is the tendency for people to give too little credit to others when things are going poorly and too much credit when things are going well.

A) Person sensitivity bias
B) Bounded rationality
C) Escalation of commitment
D) Hindsight bias



ANSWER: A) Person sensitivity bias

The tendency for people to base their judgments on information that is readily available to them, although it might not be accurate, is called:

A) a bias toward implicit favorites.
B) the availability heuristic.
C) a representativeness heuristic.
D) an escalation of commitment.


ANSWER: B) the availability heuristic.

A choice made between alternatives is defined as

A) a problem.
B) a criterion.
C) an attribution.
D) a decision.
E) a judgment.


ANSWER: A) a problem.

Rationality assumes

a. high intelligence.
b. unlimited choices.
c. maturity.
d. consistency
e. unlimited power and influence.


ANSWER: d. consistency

A limitation of the nominal group technique is that:

A) it is expensive.
B) it requires a trained facilitator.
C) it favors high-status group members.
D) it is time consuming.


ANSWER: B) it requires a trained facilitator.

Research shows that the information communicated in organizational grapevines is about ________ correct.

A) 15%
B) 42%
C) 82%
D) 95%


ANSWER: C) 82%

Informal gender-segregated communication networks are known as the ________.

A) glass ceiling
B) old-boys network
C) grapevine
D) division of labor


ANSWER: B) old-boys network

Suggestion boxes, hotlines, and employee surveys are forms of organizational feedback.  


David is trying to manage all the information that came across her desk while she was gone. ANSWER: FALSEf


When employers combine jobs enabling workers to perform the entire job they are enhancing skill variety and task identity. ANSWER: TRUE