Where in the United States and Canada has recent population lossbeen most pronounced?

What will be an ideal response?

There are 9 States that loss population in the last decade because of higher property prices, utilities expenses, poverty rate, taxes, and sanitation are the biggest issues. Here are the states names:New YorkIllinoisWest VirginiaLouisianaHawaiiMississippiAlaskaConnecticutWyoming

Canada population steadily increases for the last five to eight years because for immigrants and refugees comes from Middle East and Asia, but there are some provinces and small cities where population declining and brutal weather especially on the western and northern provinces, lack ofresources is the main concern too. Here are some names: New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Saint John (City) Vancouver (City) before it’s expenses and some middle-class people move to Alberta However, people who live in coldest places like Yukon territory and Saskatchewan places also moves toward in big cities.