Muckingjay Inc. opened in 2015. The company reported sales revenue of $486,000 and expenses of $574,000. The revenue is on account, and no cash has been received or paid out for expenses. There are no permanent or temporary differences, so the book loss and taxable loss will be the same. Muckingjay plans on carrying forward the net operating loss (NOL). The company has a 38% tax rate, and a valuation allowance is not required.

Prepare the following for 2015:
a) The necessary journal entry to record the NOL carryforward.
b) A partial income statement beginning with sales revenue.

What will be an ideal response?

a) Journal Entry:
Deferred Tax Asset

Income Tax Benefit

*[(486,000 – 574,000) × 38%]

b) Partial Income Statement:
Sales revenue $486,000
Operating Expenses (574,000)
Net Loss before tax benefit (88,000)
Income tax benefit 33,440
Net loss after tax benefit $(54,560)