Which of the following statements best describes what was unfortunate about the original private health insurance plans that were developed? (Select all that apply.)

a. Because providers were paid for any service they gave, it was economically advantageous for them to give as much care as possible.
b. Health care costs increased very rapidly.
c. Health education and health promotion interventions were not included in the idea of health insurance.
d. It was immediately seen how much profit could be made by owning or managing an insurance company.
e. Patients wanted any and all care that might help, regardless of how expensive it was.
There was no limit on what care could be sought and given.

A, B, C, E, F
The majority of the population was protected. The emphasis was placed on illness care, because providers received a fee only when a service was rendered, and all costs were reimbursed. Insulated from having to pay for health care, consumers demanded complex and technologically advanced services. These demands were a major force rapidly increasing health care costs because people with insurance felt entitled to care, and, after all, there was a guaranteed payer. Medical orientation was on curing at any cost. The profits of owning or managing an insurance company were not immediately seen.