The internal and external environment will cause changes for companies in Ghana (Large, Medium, and small-Scale Enterprises) during this crisis. Explain


How the internal and external environment will cost changes for the companies during the COVID-19 crisis:

The companies will have an antagonistic impact as a result of this pandemic, whether it is about huge scope medium scale or little scope undertaking. Everyone is influenced in view of coronavirus.

Everywhere throughout the world, there are lockdowns, coming about because of which companies can’t perform their activities.

Organizations would need to direct their activities while dealing with the sterile propensities and social separation figuring out how to maintain a strategic distance from any infection spread.

In this manner, because of the business’ internal and external environment, it will need to change its business leadership.

Example:-while in the workplaces, the companies would need to organize telecommute to an impressive degree to stay away from any physical contact.

There would be changes in the direct of business as far as the selling procedure.

For instance: at the outlets or shops, companies for organizations would need to keep up legitimate cleanliness standards like they would need to hold fast to the most extreme number of clients that can be available in the specific premises.

Also, they would need to direct business with appropriate clean propensities, making accessible sanitizers to the clients.

The organization would need to receive changes in the business techniques too.

For instance, the business would need to concentrate more on utilizing on the web platforms for selling their items and directing home conveyance for the clients.

Besides, they would likewise need to make accessible online installment alternatives as well.