Sonic Speaker Co. took an aggressive tax position in its current year’s tax return, claiming a $400,000 deduction. The company reported $850,000 in taxable income before considering the tax deduction, and is subject to a 38% income tax rate. Tax authorities have challenged this type of tax deduction in the past and Sonic Speaker Co. is now concerned about the realizability of this tax deduction in the future. However, management believes that it is more likely than not that the firm will sustain the tax benefits upon examination by tax authorities. The company provides the following analysis regarding the probabilities of sustaining the tax deduction:

Possible estimated outcome
Individual probability
of occurring
Refer to Sonic Speaker Company. What is the largest amount of tax benefit allowed?

A) $106,400
B) $152,000
C) $66,500
D) $142,500

Answer: A
Explanation: A) 280,000 × 38%