Refer to Additional Case 8.3. Which type of training would be best at McBain?

Additional Case 8.3
The HR department at McBain Associates is putting together a multi-step training program to help managers appraise employee performance. The firm has experienced previous legal problems associated with improper performance appraisals, so HR needs to ensure that every manager is able to conduct a performance appraisal appropriately.

Managers will receive information about EEO law, company policies, appraisal forms, and appropriate interview questions. Information provided during training should be relevant and consistent. The firm wants managers to have access to the information after training and as needed when conducting performance appraisals. In addition, the firm wants to minimize the time managers spend on the training and to avoid large group meetings. Due to changing policies and forms, HR needs the ability to update the training information easily and quickly.

A) VR training
B) E-learning
C) Apprenticeship
D) Off-the-job training


B) E-learning