Provide an appropriate response.The drama classes are asked to rank the plays they want to perform in the following year. The choices are Comedy (C), Drama (D), Mystery (M) or Shakespeare (S). The votes are summarized in the following preference table:Number of Votes 112012938First ChoiceCDCMMSSecond ChoiceMMSDSCThird ChoiceSSDSCMFourth ChoiceDCMCDD​​​​​​​a. How many students voted?b. How many students selected Mystery (M) as their first choice?c. How many students selected Comedy (C) as their fourth choice?

A. a. 63, b. 3, c. 23
B. a. 60, b. 12, c. 29
C. a. 60, b. 9, c. 20
D. a. 63, b. 12, c. 29


D. a. 63, b. 12, c. 29