List and define the sources of informal individual power.

What will be an ideal response?


The sources of informal individual power are expert, referent, and charismatic power.

Expert power is informal power that stems from superior ability or expertise in performing a task. In any group, some individuals have skills or talents that allow them to perform at a higher level than others. Group members often look to these individuals for advice, and in doing so, come to depend on them. This dependence gives these individuals expert power.

People who gain power and influence in a group because they are liked, admired, and respected are said to possess referent power. Individuals who are high on the personality traits of agreeableness, extraversion, or even conscientiousness are often liked or admired.

Charismatic power is an intense form of referent power stemming from an individual’s personality, physical strengths, or other abilities that induces others to believe in and follow that person. When charismatic power exists, legitimate power, reward power, and coercive power lose their significance because followers give the charismatic leader the right to hold the reins of power and make the decisions that define the vision and goals of an organization and its members.