Kelly, a Christian, is the counselor at a public high school. One day, she was walking through the nurse’s office and noticed some pamphlets that discussed safe sex and informed on how to use a condom. Appalled by the material, Kelly threw the pamphlets in the trash and replaced them with pamphlets promoting abstinence. Comparing Kelly’s situation to the Grossman v. South Shore Public School District court case, what was the decision of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals on the therapist’s behavior?

A. Kelly acted appropriately, and she should not be reprimanded in any way.
B. There is no case of unethical behavior.
C. Religious beliefs do not trump the policies and requirements of the employing school district. Kelly acted unethically in disregarding the curriculum of the school and advocating her own personal beliefs about abstinence.
D. It is illegal for public schools to supply information regarding safe sex, and the school will be held accountable for their actions.