Illusions Inc. just completed its second year of operations and has a deferred tax asset of $47,500 related to a net operating loss of $125,000 from the previous year. In the current year Illusions generates $400,000 in revenues and incurs $250,000 in expenses. There are no permanent or temporary book-tax differences. Assuming the same tax rate as last year, what amount will Illusions record for Income Tax Payable in the current year?

A) $9,500
B) $57,000
C) $152,000
D) Cannot be determined from the information provided.

Answer: A
Explanation: A) Step 1: 47,500 / 125,000 = 38% tax rate. Step 2: 150,000 income – 125,000 carryforward = 25,000 × 38% rate = tax payable.